Admit it, you care $more about price.

Since the only thing people really care about is the price of their asset going up, we've created a token that could easily do that.

Total Supply

21 million Tokens



Bitcoins worst nightmare

After 5 years of DeFi we have come to 2 conclusion: People only care about the token going up versus USD. And all cryptos dip 86-99% and most never recover. Bitcoin is the biggest and most popular crypto but it only does 2 things: Send and Receive. How is this so? A lot of people will contribute this to Bitcoin being first. Is it the mining? Miners sell their coins to make profit so that can’t be it. We think it comes down to to 2 things.

Capped Supply

A Family

Why $More?

The crypto space is filled with trash. Bitcoin Pollution. Tokens with Insanely unnecessary and complicated tokenomics. Worthless NFT's. And economy collapsing, sloth creating, Metaverse ideas. We think $More can do better than this with much less. Simply by using its 2 greatest features:


Capped Supply

A huge problem with most high yielding coins is inflation. In other projects, as tokens come onto market it increases the supply. And if this increase in supply is not met with an increase in demand, the price falls and never recovers. To fix this $More token has a capped supply of 21million tokens which were all minted at the same time. This means there will never be more than 21million tokens and no unexpected supply shock. $More tokens stay rare by design.

A Family

Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency, went up over 1,000,000x, and it only has 2 features: send and receive. No staking, no dao, no nfts. Just holders. Yea it has mining, but what does that have to do with anything really besides polluting our great planet? Miners don't buy and hold. They sell. And they sell a lot. So why is the price up? Bitcoin is a family. A family of holders who believe that one day they will sell their Bitcoin to someone for a higher price on the backs of miners who find them using way too much electricity.


We are lead by @TrVon fka Trevon James. Although controversial for his role in the Bitconnect saga, TrVon never ran from controversy and has shown up time and time again for the past 7 years creating crypto content and sharpening his skills as well as his communities. The one thing every family needs is a great leader. Someone the community can trust and look to in times of need. And who better than to have that role than someone who we know is fully doxed, honest, isn’t going to make empty promises or over sell you on anything. I mean, look at this token. It doesn’t do anything but send and receive and STILL has a one up on Bitcoin because it could add staking one day. He is a great leader and I'm proud to be him.


No. But wouldn’t it be amazing if it grew as big as that thing?!

Crypto prices can go really high. Although we can’t make any predictions for price, we can say that if everyone holds and only buys $more to store their crypto value it can go really high.

$More is a great word and usually when you are using it, it’s in a positive manner. $More food. $More money $More hotties etc etc. Whenever you say the word $more we want you to you think of us.


$More token is not any financial tool and you should not expect any profit for interacting with or holding these tokens.